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  About Tetiana Zakharova  

Tetiana Zakharova
Artistic Statement

I was born in Ukraine and received my artistic education in Ukraine and Russia. In 1996, I moved with my husband and son to Canada and now reside in Vancouver, B.C. I have been amazed and inspired by the spectacular Pacific Northwest whenever I hike through the rain forest, watch each unique sunset over the ocean or travel through the B.C. Interior. Nature is plentiful in its gifts of beauty and I yearn to capture that perfect and blissful scene and transpose it onto canvas.

I observe the world around me and search for unique angles and unreal color combinations to create a disposition of nature in my paintings; as in, a sort of mood that the paintings should bring to their audience. As I start each new painting, my heart leaps with joy as I fathom the beauty that is yet to emerge from my imagination. But beauty is subjective; therefore, I try to leave a segment of my art open to interpretation. Part of this can be seen in the near absence of clearly separating lines and borders in my works. This lets the audience create these lines and is a vital part of my “disposition of nature” as it lets each individual’s unique mind create such lines and borders and differently interpret the painting’s mood. I try to distill both drama and tranquility of natural landscapes by injecting fluidity, depth and emotion into each image.

My goal is to touch others emotionally and positively through my art; as well, to delve all the different ideas and sceneries in my own mind, for my own enjoyment.


  • Associate Member of The Oil Painters of America (OPA) – 2009
  • Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) – 2007

Juried Shows

  • San Diego Art Institute 50th International Award Exhibition (March 2009) – Museum of the Living Artist, San Diego, California
  • Midland Arts Association 2009 Spring Juried Art Show (March 2009) - Museum of the Southwest, Midland, Texas
  • FCA “Landscape” Juried Show (February 2009) - BC Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • FCA “Northern Light” Juried Chapter Show (October 2008) – BC Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • FCA “Still Life” Juried Show (April 2008) – BC Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Group Exhibitions / Shows

  • World Of Imagination Vol.2 - APW Gallery, Queens, New York - 2009
  • Bezanson Art Group Show, Park Place, Vancouver, BC – 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
  • Bezanson Art Group Show, Royal Centre, Vancouver, BC – 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Corporate and Private Collections

  • Nelson and Elenia Skalbania
  • Wedgwood Hotel
  • Dixon Mitchell Investment Counsel Inc.
  • Prime Interiors Inc.

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